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  1. LearningSpaces to CAPP Agile Learning
  2. Visiting ElixirConf US 2017

    Visiting ElixirConf US 2017

    At Defacto, we greatly value development of our own employees. No surprise there: our motto is Developing People. However, at times it can be challenging to find the time and dedication to do exactly this: develop yourself. In the ever-changing landscape... Read more

  3. Zerocopter: ethical hacking and security through hackers
  4. 30 years Defacto

    30 years Defacto

    2017 is the year Defacto turned 30 and that didn't go by unnoticed. On the 16th of June, the garden of Zuiderpark 3 was filled with co-workers, family and friends. Coupled with (local) drinks and the Defacto band the past 30 years were abundantly celebrated... Read more

  5. Using your potential; knowledge worker is what makes a company
  6. Wrong estimation or opinion formation: largest internet company by 2030
  7. Customizing the Intercom Launcher

    Customizing the Intercom Launcher

    We've been using Intercom in CAPP Agile Learning for well over a year now, and like we said back then, it has really improved our support and in-app communication with users. A few weeks ago Intercom introduced their new messenger, where they've added... Read more

  8. Ending the LMS era for organisations
  9. Scaling Knowledge

    Scaling Knowledge

    One of the dangers of working on a new product is falling in love with it. We try to ask ourselves weekly if we've grown too close to CAPP Agile Learning. The answer? We really, really like CAPP Agile Learning. We also believe in the ideas behind... Read more

  10. Making our app fit the iPad

    Making our app fit the iPad

    One of the first things I mentioned when I started working at CAPP Agile Learning two months ago is that CAPP Agile Learning needed an overhaul on the iPad in portrait mode. The iPad, in my opinion, is the single most suitable device for information... Read more