LearningSpaces to CAPP Agile Learning

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By Changing the Name We Changed Our Perception

Recently Defacto has decided to change its angle when looking at software-making. To us development became more than just creating a product, it became a pillar of our vision and mission; __to develop software and help organizations to develop their most valuable asset - people. The years of experience within the learning and development market allowed us to create several very successful solutions to advance businesses of any size. From 360° Feedback, to HappyHours, we have tried to interlock with our user needs and provide the best experience when tackling every day challenges.__

Hence to provide a better experience and more care per user we want to merge our products under one umbrella. Merging Defacto solutions meant renaming certain products and changing the product focus, while not neglecting existing needs. Therefore we have renamed one of our learning management solutions LearningSpaces to CAPP Agile Learning.

CAPP Agile Learning screenshot

Rebranding the Future of Learning

The decision was not easy, internally we were really fond of the name LearningSpaces and it still is the core idea of our software; to provide you with the best learning space in a working environment. After giving it some thought Defacto has decided to build software in an integrated manner instead of providing many different solutions for your business problems.

To Defacto it meant merging all of learning management products under a time tested quality and talent management platform CAPP - Quality Management Portfolio. The platform has proved its ability to preserve and nurture quality of an industry specific knowledge, especially in the healthcare sector within the Dutch and German markets.

Rebranding of LearningSpaces to CAPP Agile Learning has given us the opportunity to provide a better and more integrated portfolio of solutions.

What is more, rebranding has provided us with a new direction and a better understanding of how the future of a learning management system could look like. Therefore, Defacto is not planning to stop with the rebranding of just one product, we are planning to create a completely new way of learning within every organization.

The Challenge

As mentioned previously, Defacto is not planning to stop with innovating its product suite, we are planning to advance the new ways of learning and rebrand the general notion of what a learning management system stands for our current customers and us.

The main challenge that lies ahead is merging the corporate and small to medium size enterprise expectations and finding a certain equilibrium of solutions. Providing enough insight for the management while keeping the learning management options light and easy to implement within any organization. What is more, we do not want to neglect the micro pillar of an organization; it is trivial for us to empower a modern, self-driven learner to seek for knowledge and performance support anytime, on-demand and on any device.

Self-direct learner

The Core

Technology is a primary driver of change and innovation in every industry today. Workplace learning and performance support is not immune to the notion of technological innovation. The way people learn and perform their daily tasks has changed drastically. The immense amount of information pushed employees to conduct and execute their own 'training programs' on the internet. So far this was being achieved through a basic search. Hence our product CAPP Agile Learning is filling the gap between an industry specific knowledge and a self-direct learners.

We strongly believe that you cannot teach your workers everything they need to know. The best you can do is to position them where they can find what they need to know, when they actually need to know it to perform as well as possible in an urgent or vital situation.

Therefore the core of Defacto software maintains the same; performance support and knowledge sharing based learning. We believe that the success of any organizations is within the people and their expertise.

Take Two

Rebranding provided Defacto with an opportunity to take a great leap and make something new while redefining what a learning management system stands for. For our customers, on the other hand, the rebranding means even more care for a tailor made solutions to their business challenges. We will continue to empower organizations which are striving to innovate themselves through empowering their human capital.

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