Implementation doesn’t have to be complicated

From our experience we have learned that one of the most important aspects of digital learning is directly linked to the implementation process. This prompted us to develop our own implementation methods. These methods help our consultants and project managers to safeguard the strategy and execution of flawless e-learning implementation. The experts of Defacto partner up with your management team to achieve the highest retention and engagament within your e-learning environment.

The implementation process determines the success of the launch and deployment of our software. It's not that complex, but moving from one learning management system to another might require some guidance.

We ensure:

  • Coordination with your IT-department
  • If desired, an integration with your HR-system so you'll have access to the most recent information
  • If needed, help with creating your digital training catalogue
  • Training for your users
  • Help when setting up of annual interviews, the Quality Portfolio or other HR-related activities
  • Assistance when introducing the software to your organisation

For larger organisations we strongly advise to establish a steering or focus group consisting of inbound management and our experienced consultants to achieve the most efficient implementation of the software.

Independent advice

Whether we collaborate, develop or support, Defacto strives for the best service for your organisation. If you already have a form of E-learning in mind, we gladly welcome you to get in touch with us and discuss the possibilities.

There are many great opportunities out there when it comes to E-learning.

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