We are Defacto

Learning and developing since 1987

As software company, Defacto has withstood all storms of time within the IT-industry in the last 30 years. As a visionary organisation, Defacto has always been able to distinguish itself from the mainstream. Unconventional, autonomous, innovative and delivering quality and value-added services for the client are all qualifications that describe Defacto well.

Choosing quality over the maximisation of profit, choosing an interesting job over the monotone, investing in people and guaranteeing continuity and growth, that is what we stand for.


Defacto has a youthful, open and informal business culture where there is a lot of room for creativity and responsibility. Our motto is 'Developing People'. Therefore, investing in our developers, consultants and sales & support staff is important for us. We use this as a base to develop software that enables our clients to get the best from our services.

Defacto is an quintessential example of a software company. New technology, technical challenges and delivering quality is what excites us. Our mission? Offer our clients tailored solutions and sparing them a lot of time.

We are an organisation with flat hierarchy and a high level of transparency. Defacto is also active in the German market since 2014.

Work at Defacto

Do you have an outspoken personality and eagerness to develop? At Defacto we are always looking for people that inspire us and our clients.

  1. Koos Akkerman
    Koos Akkerman
  2. Joost Bakhuizen
    Joost Bakhuizen
  3. Bastiaan Barelds
    Bastiaan Barelds
  4. Lidia Bonder
    Lidia Bonder
  5. Pien van Dalen
    Pien van Dalen
  6. Ronald Dijkstra
    Ronald Dijkstra
  7. Stephan Feifel
    Stephan Feifel
  8. Simone Hahn
    Simone Hahn
  9. Els Hoekstra
    Els Hoekstra
  10. Marcel Horlings
    Marcel Horlings
  11. Maarten Jacobs
    Maarten Jacobs
  12. Pieter Kaal
    Pieter Kaal
  13. Celine Kemp
    Celine Kemp
  14. Mirjam Kronemeijer
    Mirjam Kronemeijer
  15. Ellie Kuiper
    Ellie Kuiper
  16. Matthijs Kuiper
    Matthijs Kuiper
  17. Rick Littel
    Rick Littel
  18. Jan Lulof
    Jan Lulof
  19. Marleen Renshoff
    Marleen Renshoff
  20. Patrick Scharmin
    Patrick Scharmin
  21. Simon ten Broeke
    Simon ten Broeke
  22. Vincent van Trigt
    Vincent van Trigt
  23. Hans Veeger
    Hans Veeger
  24. Hugo Veeger
    Hugo Veeger
  25. Ewoud Veenhuizen
    Ewoud Veenhuizen
  26. Gerwin Veenstra
    Gerwin Veenstra
  27. Duc Vu
    Duc Vu
  28. Lizette Weening
    Lizette Weening
  29. Isabela Wojtowicz
    Isabela Wojtowicz
  30. Frits Ypeij
    Frits Ypeij
  31. Josien Zwarteveen
    Josien Zwarteveen