Certified integration

Our trustworthy HR importer will ensure a swift integration with our software.

Importing your data correctly and securely is one of our top priorities, therefore we have decided to develop our own HR importer. By importing your data ourselves we ensure that you will always have the right version of CAPP in line with your previously used LMS.

Defacto has established an integration with numerous systems, such as Beaufort, People Soft, SAP and many other HR systems.

Dutch professional Union for nurses (V&VN)

With V&VN the accredited e-learning courses are automatically registered within CPD-online. This ensures that you and your employees won't have to carry out any administrative tasks twice.

Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI)

All e-learning content that supports LTI integration and is hosted somewhere else can be viewed in CAPP. As a result, organisations are no longer dependent on just one supplier and can decide from where to get their e-learning content. In this way the content from an external supplier can be viewed and the results can be generated within the CAPP-environment.

Medical E-learning applications

There is a large number of universities and other educational institutions that collaborate through ‘Medisch Onderwijs’. Medischonderwijs.nl is intended for the distribution of medical online training. To ease the tracking of your employee training the e-learning modules that are registered in ‘Medisch Onderwijs’ can be directly accessed in CAPP.

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