Learning & Development with CAPP LMS

Intuitive learning management system for knowledge-intensive organisations.

Better compliance and qualification with CAPP LMS.


The changing dynamics in any industry demands a continuous investment in the knowledge development and training of your employees.

CAPP LMS provides your workers with an intuitive and easy to use digital learning environment. The learning platfrom is suitable for blended-learning: e-learning incorporated with practical training, seminar and conference registration and traditional teaching. All of your learning efforts can be facilitated and supported by CAPP LMS.

Create your own digital training catalogue and make it available for the entire organisation. Purchased courses can also be integrated in the CAPP LMS. The course administration is automated, therefore it results in an enormous cost reduction. The availability of the learning platform ensures continuous employee engagement in the e-learning modules at any desired moment.

CAPP Coursecatalog

CAPP Portfolio

CAPP LMS allows you to see your employee course results and personal digital porfolios. The platform lays the foundations upon which your organisation can later invest in talent management through CAPP Learning & Development . Developing talent is essential for any knowledge-intensive organisation. With CAPP Learning & Developing you can easily improve training and competence management, conduct annual performance interviews and make 360° Feedback a part of your HR policy.

An integration of our Learning & Development environment makes it easy for your employees to be in control of their personal and professional development. With our digital learning systems and resources your employees can work on continuously improving themselves individually or as a team.

360° Feedback

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