Wrong estimation or opinion formation: largest internet company by 2030

Milda | | Reading time: ± 2 min.

According to futurist Thomas Frey, in 14 years it'll be a big deal when students learn from robot teachers over the internet.

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon an article about 'The largest internet company in 2030? This prediction will probably surprise you' and I got worried; did it become a niche topic to write obvious predictions about education, or did we become lazy in drawing future scenarios?

Extra extra, mr. Robot will take over the world!

During the past couple of years you hear a lot; 'Be careful the bot will steal your job!' What about this one: 'Everything will be automated for the sake of efficiency, robots will take over most of the industries!'

Steve Urkel

This is happening already. Robots are here, drones will deliver, and artificial intelligence is, and will play a bigger role in our lives. Though not to substitute someone, bots are here to advance every part of our lives.

Multinational online education corporation

Thomas Frey vision for 2030 includes a massively enhanced version of today’s open online courses.

These claims are not predictions, these are copies from nowadays trend to receive additional educational guidance online.

Therefore, lets simulate the future a little bit further than the one predicted by Thomas Frey. It's a year of 2030, virtual is being considered the actual reality if one wishes. Globalisation, and the internet is pushing us towards conformity, mutual identity, value formation, similar perception of importance of education within our lives.

Education becomes an institution, or dogma, rather than an optional way of living. The educators within this environment will be bots as it is now e.g. Duolingo. Nothing really changes, except the normative perspective. The year 2020, 2030 etc. will look the same as today with innovated technology, and one thing that will be changed tremendously - increased and eased international communication, and mutual understanding through education.

Corporation of university education; Middle-Ages edition

The largest world company during all times? This observation will probably "surprise" you. It is, and always will be educational institutions. Thought the biggest difference of education in the Middle-Ages, and the year of 2030 is the way it's being spread. In the 15th century the church was the driving force behind expansion of universities, today it's the internet, tomorrow maybe virtual reality or something which is beyond my reach to predict.


Education, and universities which tailor educational content will always hold a monopoly on knowledge. Bots will make it accessible and comprehendible for all, but this is not a future, it's the present. Education is the biggest company of all time, since it's creation. The only future I could think of is a future of post-internet education. This will happen by 2030, then a real revolution will start.

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