Zerocopter: ethical hacking and security through hackers

Stéphanie | | Reading time: ± 2 min.

The internet is for everyone by everyone and you can find everything online.​ When you're using software you want to be sure that it's bug-free, easy to use and secure. This means it's extra important that your data doesn't accidentally leak onto the web. We take security very seriously and want your data to be safe on our servers. That's why we started working with Zerocopter in January 2017. This means that, as we speak, we're being hacked on a regular basis.


But, hacking is what we don't want right? Not by normal hackers, no, but Zerocopter collaborates with ethical hackers. These hackers are connected to Zerocopter and are helping us to track down possible leaks. The goal of this collaboration is to help us secure our software by actively trying to break into our software. Sometimes the best way to fix something is to try and break it first. Or in this case: to hack it.


Ethical hackers

Ethical hackers are using the same methods to break into our software as their not so morally high counterparts. The big difference is that these hackers are trying to help companies to up their security game. Together with Zerocopter, we've created a list of items the hackers can test. The great thing about this method is that they are really focussing their efforts on areas that are important to us. When the hackers find a weak spot in our security they report this to Zerocopter who will then investigate if this is crucial. If it is they will pass it on to use and the hackers will get their bounty, depending on what they find.

We also have security scanners scan all our products on a monthly basis. This ensures we have ongoing security checks for all our software. We can, therefore, ensure that new releases will not cause for new leaks and keep your data safe.

Together with the extra measures, we took inline with ISO 27001 (the norm for information security) and NEN 7510 (Dutch regulations for patient data safety). We recently implemented all of these security measures because we take this very seriously. As part of our service we want to make sure that you never have to worry about the safety of your data.

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