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  1. Ending the LMS era for organisations

    Ending the LMS era for organisations

    CAPP Agile Learning (formerly known as LearningSpaces) is a simple to use online knowledge sharing platform which allows you to focus all your learning activities in one place. After initially having set our focus on advancing teams, we decided to launch a __CAPP Agile Learning version 2.0 for the enterprise market in November at our HQ in Groningen, the Netherlands.__ Read more

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  2. Scaling Knowledge

    Scaling Knowledge

    One of the dangers of working on a new product is falling in love with it. We try to ask ourselves weekly if we've grown too close to CAPP Agile Learning. Read more

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  3. Making our app fit the iPad

    Making our app fit the iPad

    One of the first things I mentioned when I started working at CAPP Agile Learning two months ago is that CAPP Agile Learning needed an overhaul on the iPad in portrait mode. The iPad, in my opinion, is the single most suitable device for information consumption; a handy, lightweight device that can be held like a book and needs no extra peripherals to work well. Read more

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  4. Micro Future Learning

    Micro Future Learning

    Nutshell learning - never heard of it? Let me put it straight: learning in a nutshell is daily knowledge micro dosing. Even though **micro learning** is not a new concept, everyone surprisingly makes a big deal out of it (including me). Read more

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  5. Feature: Questions and Answers

    Feature: Questions and Answers

    Past events When we were making CAPP Agile Learning we wanted it to be the easiest way to create a course or materialise an information bundle. Now CAPP Agile Learning enables teams to share knowledge and allow team members to test each other. Read more

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  6. Social learning during Lunch Break

    Social learning during Lunch Break

    Lunch break: the time of the day when people stop work to have lunch. But if you stopped working, does it mean that you actually stopped generating ideas? Read more

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  7. Teamwork: is it redefined?
  8. Today and Social Learning Theory

    Today and Social Learning Theory

    Up to this day many industries don't understand or misinterpret social learning, even though the theory of social learning was introduced in 1960's. Want to hear something funny? The first iPhone was introduced in 2007, what means that the social learning theory is almost 7 times older than an iPhone. And believe me, I haven't met a person, who wouldn't know how to use an iPhone. So what is stopping everyone from applying social learning in their industries? Why do corporations provide people with smartphones, iPhones, iPads etc. and forget to provide the aspects of social learning in their organisation? Read more

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  9. Materialising Knowledge Transfer

    Materialising Knowledge Transfer

    Daniel: Manufacturers are the canaries in the coalmine of an enormous organizational challenge that will be coming to an industry near you very soon, if it has not already arrived. No, it is not China, 3D printers or trade policies. It is the talent pool, or lack thereof. While the “Boomer Brain Drain” is not a new idea, little is being done to stop the talent exodus that analysts predict will put organizations of all stripes and sizes at risk. Because of social and cultural factors; manufacturing is feeling this pain more acutely right now, but this trend is rapidly spreading across all sectors. Read more

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  10. Leadership: make it or break it

    Leadership: make it or break it

    Leadership can make or break your company. Most people quit their manager, not their job. To prevent this, let's talk about how awesome and useful leadership skills can be obtained. Recently I had a chat with __Spencer from theTILLERY, and he shared his secret about the leadership.__ Read more

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