What others say about us

  • We decided to collaborate with Defacto early in 2016 and start implementing our digital learning environment. Later that year, we also started using the Quality Portfolio for nurses. The implementation period was intense, but very constructive and insightful due to Defacto's guidance. The skills, high quality engagement and helpfulness of the consultants have lead us to develop our own concept of learning.

    As a study centre, we have been proposed to think about a systematic way to implement the Quality Portfolio that fits our necessity to safeguard and monitor the competencies of our employees.

    Right now, we are in the middle of the implementation process, because we have chosen to do this with one focus group at a time. The first impressions are very positive, the employees are pleased with the user experience of the Quality Portfolio. What is more, the implementation of Quality Portfolio has increased accountability of our administrative, lawmaking and certification departments.

    Isabel Juliana
    Isabel Juliana
    Head of study department, Albert Schweitzer Ziekenhuis
  • We have noticed that several departments and medical care professionals in the Máxima Medical Centre (MMC) had the desire to stimulate, keep track and further develop their skills and competencies. Hence we have decided to implement the Quality Portfolio to scale knowledge, improve the quality of care and create a recognizable image for our service.

    Prior to the implementation of the Quality Portfolio, different departments (including HRM and the department for Quality and Safety) have worked hard in laying the proper foundation. We have chosen a sustainable solution in which real-time information about our employees could be connected to their profiles and made immediately available.

    The Quality Portfolio requires a culture where the starting point of the developmental process is with the employees. Medical care professionals have to have control of their own competences and skills. It is important that the deparment managers stimulate this culture as well as colleagues to hold each other accountable when it comes to following protocols. Only then they can deliver the best possible quality and care.

    During the implementation of the Quality Portfolio, Defacto has built a close and co-operative relationship with our organisation. The consultants have been attentive to what’s happening within the MMC so that they can constructively contribute to our thought-process.

    Working with Defacto's team has helped us get the basics in order. Together with Defacto we are working on a continuous technical and functional improvement of the Quality Portfolio. This will make the competencies and skills of our employees more transparent. Authorised and risky tasks are now tested at the workplace by assessors. The efficiency of the Quality Portfolio offers a lot of insight. With the help of Defacto, the managers of the MMC now have access to information about our health care professionals who are continuously working on their professional own development.

    Kristel Vissers
    Kristel Vissers
    Project manager Quality Portfolio, Máxima Medical Centre
  • The best thing about collaborating with Defacto is that we know we can rely on each other because we have maintained such intensive contact for a long perion of time. Due to the high level of trust between Defacto and Phoenix Education, there is always room for continuous feedback.

    Over time, we have built up a good and pleasant collaborative relationship. Defacto has the ability to sense the tone of urgency and react instantly during a critical situations.

    Marieke van Kernebeek
    Marieke van Kernebeek
    Office manager, Phoenix Educations