Hosting and Security

Defacto is hosting CAPP LMS in the most safe and reliable manner. Updates are being installed and reviewed by Defacto itself. We can only offer on-premise delivery models to a very limited extent.

  • CAPP LMS is completely web-based and is accessible anytime, anywhere on any device.
  • CAPP LMS offers Standard Single Sign On (SSO-integration).
  • As an experienced software company, we know all about the technical ins and outs. This makes us a valued partner for every IT-organisation. You will not experience IT-related problems when working with us and our software.
  • CAPP is in compliance with the IT-security regulations for web applications – part 1, National Cyber Security Centre, Ministry of Security and Justice.
  • CAPP includes a standard HR-Importer that can establish integrations with all well-known Dutch and international HR-systems.
  • If desired, the personal data of employees that is stored in HR-systems will be read into CAPP every night. For this, Defacto uses the SSH File Transfer Protocol (sFTP). In contrast to FTP, the data is encrypted while being transmitted, which makes the process very secure.
  • CAPP facilitates numerous possibilities for integration with (quality-)registers, assessment systems and suppliers of E-learning material.
  • CAPP is an open system in which you access e-learning material of all well-known e-learning suppliers.
  • CAPP is available in three languages: Dutch, English and German.

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