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  1. Customizing the Intercom Launcher

    Customizing the Intercom Launcher

    We've been using Intercom in CAPP Agile Learning for well over a year now, and like we said back then, it has really improved our support and in-app communication with users. A few weeks ago Intercom introduced their new messenger, where they've added... Read more

    Matthijs Kuiper Matthijs Kuiper | | Reading time: ± 3 min.
  2. Making our app fit the iPad

    Making our app fit the iPad

    One of the first things I mentioned when I started working at CAPP Agile Learning two months ago is that CAPP Agile Learning needed an overhaul on the iPad in portrait mode. The iPad, in my opinion, is the single most suitable device for information... Read more

    Frits Ypeij Frits Ypeij | | Reading time: ± 8 min.
  3. Animated loading indicator with isometric cubes

    Animated loading indicator with isometric cubes

    In general people don't like to wait. And no matter how fast we make our application there will always be something that takes time to process. But in many cases, if the user is informed, they will be more patient. Fortunately, CAPP Agile Learning Read more