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  1. Scaling Knowledge

    Scaling Knowledge

    One of the dangers of working on a new product is falling in love with it. We try to ask ourselves weekly if we've grown too close to CAPP Agile Learning. The answer? We really, really like CAPP Agile Learning. We also believe in the ideas behind... Read more

    Milda | | Reading time: ± 1 min.
  2. Feature: Questions and Answers

    Feature: Questions and Answers

    Past events When we were making CAPP Agile Learning we wanted it to be the easiest way to create a course or materialise an information bundle. Now CAPP Agile Learning enables teams to share knowledge and allow team members to test each other. I... Read more

    Marcel Horlings Marcel Horlings | | Reading time: ± 1 min.
  3. Social learning during Lunch Break

    Social learning during Lunch Break

    Lunch break: the time of the day when people stop work to have lunch. But if you stopped working, does it mean that you actually stopped generating ideas? Thought so, you haven't! The office and lunch breaks cause even stronger connectedness and heavy... Read more

    Milda | | Reading time: ± 1 min.
  4. Learning in the Age of Tutorial

    Learning in the Age of Tutorial

    Lately I have been thinking a lot about learning in the age of the tutorial and how it compares to actually learning a craft. When I look around me, it seems like most digital natives excel at the former and have at least some trouble with the latter... Read more

    Hugo Veeger Hugo Veeger | | Reading time: ± 1 min.
  5. Give them Knowledge and Games

    Give them Knowledge and Games

    The definition: Modern Learner — a person who likes learning what he wants and when he wants. Or one who’s learning needs or habits are changed by their distracting environments.  Features: overwhelmed, distracted, impatient. In the need of: personalized... Read more