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Marcel Horlings Marcel Horlings | | Reading time: ± 1 min.

Past events

When we were making CAPP Agile Learning we wanted it to be the easiest way to create a course or materialise an information bundle. Now CAPP Agile Learning enables teams to share knowledge and allow team members to test each other.

I think we succeeded in allowing the users to create Spaces, which have Chapters with knowledge, where anyone in a team can store it and the rest can learn from the expertise of their peers! There is more, we created Quizzes and Assignments to test the knowledge that's learned in the chapters.

On CAPP Agile Learning you can keep your knowledge organised with Paths! It will guide you throughout the learning process on the subject of your interest. Finished the Path? Congrats, after every finished Path you are gaining Achievements.

Today and CAPP Agile Learning

In the past months we've been busy with improvements and a lot of bug fixing. But we also didn't forget to innovate and improve, to make your organisational learning process faster and easier! So here's our new feature:

Ask and all will be answered

Quick Questions and Answers! That's what we've done, and we're really exited about how it might transform CAPP Agile Learning and your learning process.

Asking a question

Personally, I really like this feature, because I always learn best when asking or searching for an answer on sites like Quora or StackOverflow. When I find these answers, they really stick since it's something that I had to put a bit extra effort in.

Spaces are about sharing what you know, but learning often starts with what you don't know. That's where questions come in.

I believe this will help trainers and knowledge creators to see what they miss in their Spaces. People will be able to ask and point out the questions or information that they can't find on Paths or Spaces.

In general, this feature will enhance the interactivity within teams. Once questions get answered, the question 'owner' will get a notification so they can accept the answer as a solution to the question.

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