Lost and Found: Generation Z

Milda | | Reading time: ± 1 min.


We can say whatever we want about the importance of being unique, but let’s admit it is always nice to belong. Belonging to some type of people allows us to reflect on ourselves and enables our development. One morning I’ve read an article about Generation Z (Gen Z), apparently I might be a part of it (mid 90's kid). After all of this time of thinking that I am a millennial, I got lost. So who are the kids of Gen Z, how do they learn and what is so different about them?


Some call this generation “screen addicts”. Others state that these kids have an attention span of a golden fish. But I would call us an online generation with limitless options and very limited time. We are not screen addicts, we just feel the urge to sort and access enormous amounts of different information. E.g. I am not only working with CAPP Agile Learning marketing, I am also striving to finish my International Relations bachelor. Believe me, staying on top of the game is difficult: you need to read, talk and listen about various topics constantly. Multitasking is the key!


Gen Z doesn’t have an attention span of a fish, we have a so called 8 second filter. Using tools and apps to filter trending content reduces the amount of information we need to access. It becomes easier to concentrate, stay committed and focused. Even if iGeneration seems a bit unbalanced, broad interests allows us to recharge and reposition, in this way inspiring see same things from the different perspective.


In order to provide iGeneration with the best learning experiences there is a need to implement filtering everywhere. An option to combine and mix different topics, and create learning paths would produce the best results.

Variety is Gen Z’s friend! Found:

Mass production of information is exhausting but exciting at the same time. Surfing the web is not a hobby anymore, it’s a life style. Even though Gen Z is not the first one to enter the virtual reality, we are the first ones to exploit it to the fullest.

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