Ending the LMS era for organisations

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CAPP Agile Learning (formerly known as LearningSpaces) is a simple to use online knowledge sharing platform which allows you to focus all your learning activities in one place. After initially having set our focus on advancing teams, we decided to launch a __CAPP Agile Learning version 2.0 for the enterprise market in November at our HQ in Groningen, the Netherlands.__

We kicked off by aiming at teams up to 100 people with our lean LMS solution. But after capturing the attention from bigger enterprises, we decided to slightly shift our focus and start working on a new version which allows bigger organisations to concentrate their learning patterns all in one place.

This version will focus on the organisation of learning efforts and knowledge sharing. Moreover, content discovery, mobile user experience, user interaction and content creation will be the center of attention. After all, we believe that everyone is welcome to be a part of this learning shift. CAPP Agile Learning will proceed with enhancing small team learning efforts, while making the same efforts even more scaleable for the enterprises.

Product manager Hugo explains:

‘Let’s get right to the point: CAPP Agile Learning is the most scaleable platform that enables lean learning and knowledge sharing in organisations. It’s time to challenge the old paradigm of the top-down, bottom-heavy learning and to empower anybody to share and access the knowledge and experience they want, in ways they are already familiar with.’

We started building CAPP Agile Learning when we've noticed that 'oldschool' learning management systems (LMS) are not innovative enough. Most of the LMS's on the market tend to constrain teams and organisations instead of enabling their natural learning cycle. We strongly believe in the power of peer to peer expertise sharing within organisations. Therefore CAPP Agile Learning was created to substitute the heavy LMS by a lean learning solution.

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